SEQUIFILL 6.0 T SS is the result of an advanced production technique where EDDHA Fe has a remarkably high otho-ortho position of the chelate fraction (4%). The high purity of the raw materials employed and the particular chelation process ensure this formulation an excellent solubility and a prompt, long-lasting greening action. SEQUIFILL 6.0 T SS is successfully employed in soils with high reaction values combined with a high percentage of active limestone. In these situations, typical symptoms of ferric chlorosis appear on plants: widespread yellowing of internerval tissues in young leaves, consequent necrosis, leaf-dropping, partial or complete damages to plants. When applied to plant roots, SEQUIFILL 6.0 T SS is readily absorbed by plants and quickly removes all phenomena linked to iron deficiency. The consequent activation of the photosynthetic process stimulates plants to a greater production of amino acids and carbohydrates. SEQUIFILL 6.0 T SS is applied to the roots by fertigation systems (hose, drip irrigation) or by injecting pole. In fruit-growing, you can use special equipments to be applied to the barrel-car. The solution with SEQUIFILL 6.0 T SS will have to be buried along the row sides.
Total iron (Fe)
Water-soluble iron (Fe)
Iron (Fe) chelated by o/o EDDHA

1, 5, 25 kg