Adriatica in Marocco

A day about Fertilization of Melon and Watermelon cultures in the Marrakech region was organized on January 31, 2019.
The region of Marrakech-Tensift Al Haouz, covers about 4.5% of the Moroccan territory with an area of ​​31160 Km square. it is characterized by an arid or semi-arid climate in general and humid near the Atlas (1500 to 2000 m altitude) and the coastline.
The rainfall is variable, 50% of the territory less than 300 mm, 30% in 300 and 400 mm. the temperature is also variable with 80% of the regional territory has an average temperature of about 18 ° C. Agriculture is the key sector of the region's economy, accounting for more than 50% of the labor force. the UAA of the region covers 500 000 ha. with distribution of crops as follows: Market gardening dominance with 55% of the area, followed by 22% of the olive industry and 20% of the arboriculture. the rest is occupied by cereals. For market garden crops, about 80% of the area is occupied by Melon and Watermelon, hence the choice of this region to organize this day on the fertilization of these two crops. The meeting was an extraordinary opportunity for local farmers, who widely appreciated the event, to show the best Biostimulants, Nutritional Solutions and Adriatica specialties.

Here are the photos ......