Packaging 25 kg - Pallet 1500 kg, Big Bag 600 kg


N-GOOO NPK 20-05-08


The N-GOOO LINE is the range of slow-release granular nitrogen fertilizers, containing the nitrification inhibitor Dicyandiamide (DCD). The presence of DCD, which inhibits the activity of the Nitrosomonas bacteria responsible for the nitrification process, allows the gradual trasnformation of ammoniacal nitrogen, absorbed by soil colloids and non-washable into the nitric form, highly washable, in a period of time between 60 and 90 days. Throughout this period, nitrogen is made available to the plants gradually, reducing losses both by leaching into the soil and by volatilization in the atmosphere. This allows a dose reduction of up to 20% in fertilizing units, compared to traditional formulations.
The granular formulation of these fertilizers is obtained through compaction, a dry granulation process borrowed from the pharmaceutical industry that uses mechanical compression to agglomerate the particles of the raw materials. This allows for granules to be obtained without adding solvents, which can have a negative impact on the final solubility of the product. The granule obtained by compaction is characterized by easy and fast disintegration, ensuring a rapid assimilation of nutrients by the roots.
The efficacy of the product is also improved by the particular production process in which DCD in the microcrystalline state is mixed with the other raw materials (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium) and everything is subsequently compacted. This allows to ensure the uniform distribution of the inhibitor in the granule, improving its effectiveness and efficiency both in nutritional and environmental terms.
N-GOOO NPK 20-05-08 is a complete fertilizer of the N-GOOO LINE which, in addition to macronutrients (slow-release nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), contains an important amount of sulfur and magnesium. The presence of sulfur promotes protein synthesis, therefore enhancing crop quality. In addition, it has a strong acidifying effect on the rhizosphere, which improves plant nutrient absorption and development. The presence of Magnesium makes N-GOOO NPK 20-05-08 suitable to prevent and cure all plant physiological disorders related to the lack or poor availability of this mesoelement. N-GOOO NPK 20-05-08 is recommended for pre-sowing (autumn and/or spring) fertilizations and for the maintenance of orchards, vineyards and horticultural crops.

Culture Time of application Dose/hectare*
Fruit crops e Horticultural crops, Hazelnut e Olive Pre-transplanting/sowing fertilization,
Post-transplanting/sowing fertilization
300-900 kg
Culture Dose/hectare
  • Fruit crops e Horticultural crops, Hazelnut e Olive 300-900 kg
    Pre-transplanting/sowing fertilization,
    Post-transplanting/sowing fertilization


Total nitrogen (N)
Ammoniacal nitrogen (N)
Ureic nitrogen (N)
Nitrogen inhibitor Dicyandiamide (DCD)
Inhibitor content as a mass percentage of the total nitrogen
Phosphoric anhydride (P2O5) total
Potassium oxide (K2O) total
Potassium oxide (K2O) soluble in water
Magnesium oxide (MgO) total
Sulfuric anhydride (SO3) soluble in water

Chemical-physical properties


Method of use
  • Cover Fertilization
  • Pre-sowing Fertilization
  • Fertilizers for bush Transplanting
*The choice of the dose is subordinated to various factors and can be varied when necessary. All applications can be repeated in relation to the different crop needs. You can contact our Technical Service for the correct application on specific soils and under specific climate conditions.