Adriatica in India

During Summer the strong activity of Adriatica continues with passion, motivation and energy , the activity of promotion of Adriatica's product in the world.
Last Tour was in India, where Mrs Maria Rosaria Stile KTS Adriatica Coordinator and Mr Luigi Angelini Commercial & Marketing Manager of Adriatica, visited in Nashik area, couple hours from Mumbay, the most important area in India of Grape Table wine.
They were intesive days, with many activities on the field, visiting many grape table farmers, with focus to promote the Adriatica Portoflio, specific produc ts for Table Grape Wine, like Foliar, Biostimulant, where the leader and weel know is Kamab 26, specific for increase production in term of quantity, and quality (colour, flavour), but in the range Adriatica has others key products like Dry K 30, Hendophit, all Water soluble range, Idron Line and K-Sol Line, very appreciated in the market for quality, solubility.
The trip ended with an important Seminar in Nashik, where Luigi Angelini and Maria Rosaria front of 600 farmers showed who is Adriatica today, strategy of the Company, and the new ideas in term of Fertilization Plan, new products specific for India Area.
India is a big and and important market for Adriatica, high potential with big possibility to transfer knowladge with agronomical support, trials, meetings with farmers,and in this strategy Adriatica wants to develop his range of products.
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