We are living through an absolutely dramatic situation, where many certainties have failed and entire areas are subject to limitations and restrictions. All that not to mention what is happening to the people.
The world must go on, we must try to look to the present and the future with hope. New organizational models of work and private life will emerge in the near future, so we must be ready.
In this respect Adriatica is trying to organize itself better to be close to its customers by guaranteeing service, assistance and support. We reorganized our work, through the use of smart working and time management. This is just to always be close to the market and customers.
At the same time we proudly inform the respectable Customers that, with reference to the Decree of 22 March 2020 signed by the President of the Council of Ministers and in force as of today 23 March 2020 regarding the Coronavirus emergency, Adriatica's activity is among those indicated in Annex 1 to the Decree.
Therefore, in compliance with the health and safety regulations in the workplace previously given, Adriatica normally continues its production and shipment of goods.
We are here to support and serve you,
Adriatica S.p.A.