Meeting with the producers of citrus farmers in the region of TADLA ( Beni Mellal ) -Morocco

Adriatica Spa and Adratica Maghreb organized a technical day devoted to the cultivation of citrus fruits in one of the typical areas of production in Morocco : Aït Mellal is a Moroccan city of 489,248 inhabitants, capital of the province of Beni Mellal - Khenifra region. It rises 625 m s.l.m. in an oasis at the foot of Jebel Tassemit (2247 m ) , between the pads of the Middle Atlas and the plain . The city , modern-looking , is renowned for oranges , reputed among the best of Morocco , and for HANBEL , large woolen blankets in bright colors .
The small size of the room and the strong participation helped to create the perfect atmosphere characterized by the large participation of farmers in issues presented by Dr. John Raise : physiological disorders and deficiencies of nutrients in citrus .