Agroalimentare Sud

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Founded in 1982 to convert barley right in the area  where  it  is  grown,  Agroalimentare  Sud has been a member of the K-Adriatica Group since 2009.The plant in San Nicola di Melfi, in Basilicata, has  a  line  for  converting  barely  into  malt with a total storage capacity of 40,000 tons, laboratories for performing routine testing and research and development, breeding units for work in the field, offices, a warehouse and a marketing division with a vast sales network.
In order to expand its production to include a vast range of food, dietary supplement and seed products, the company set up additional production lines for production of flour enri-ched with soluble fibre (β-glucani) obtained from  particular  varieties  of  barley,  toasted barley  and  malt,  malt  extracts,  and  rootlet pellets and meal for livestock.
Agroalimentare Sud is confirmed as the leading companies in the creation and selection of cereals and hybrids , as well as in the selection and marketing of seeds .
Integration with ISTA (Istituto Sementi e Tecnologie Agroalimentari), a company concerned with research and genetic improvement of plant species operating in Lodi Technological Park, allows Agroalimentare Sud to count on top level Researchers and laboratories included in a global quality system capable of coming up with sustainable projects for genetic improvement of plant species ranging from cereals to straw, maize, rice and oil seeds. An example of excellence in the creation and industrial transformation of new varieties, oriented toward growing optimisation of levels of production and quality. Ista and Veneto Sementi will continue to exist as proprietary marks of Agroalimentare Sud for the marketing of various products .

Iko Hydro

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A leader in the formulation of advanced fertilisers capable of guaranteeing high nutritional efficiency while protecting the environment and operators’ safety. This is the philosophy behind Iko-Hydro, a company the K-Adriatica Group took over in 2014.Advanced high-tech production systems and research and development conducted in collaboration with universities and research institutes in Italy and abroad allow Iko-
Hydro to supply products for treatment of nutritional physiopathies: a real innovation on the fertiliser market, offering farmers a valuable opportunity for improved, more profitable crop management with a view to sustainable farming.

K Logistica


A young, dynamic company operating in the port of Chioggia (Venice), specialising in operation of multiple services: from loading and unloading of goods to storage and transportation to and from companies,
weighing and documentation. The company joined the K-Adriatica Group in 2011, offering the Loreo-based Group direct access to shipping by sea for more rapid, efficient distribution of its products.