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Italmalt is the commercial brand of Agroalimentare Sud S.p.A, a company that, since 1982, from its production facility in San Nicola di Melfi, in the Basilicata region, has been processing two-row barley, turning it into high-quality beer malt. Italimalt bacame part of the K‑Adriatica Group in 2009.
A young, dynamic company operating in the port of Chioggia (Venice), specialising in operation of multiple services: from loading and unloading of goods to storage and transportation to and from companies, weighing and documentation. The company joined the K‑Adriatica Group in 2011, offering the Loreo-based Group direct access to shipping by sea for more rapid, efficient distribution of its products.
Aware of the importance of “green spaces” for improving the quality of life and, above all, aware of the complexity of the correct agronomical management of turfs, K‑Adriatica decided to develop a specific line of products suitable for turfs of all types, whether they are garden/parks orintensively used sports fields. This is how K-GREEN started. 

Since 2002, K-GREEN offers a complete range of Solutions to meet the needs of professionals working in the turf maintenance sector. A wide range of specific products for a proper nutrition, for the prevention and treatment of multiple plant physiological disorders and to intensify the chromatism of both flowers and grass.