Research & Development

High nutritional efficiency and environmental protection

For more than fifty years, alongside farmers, K‑Adriatica has been consistently committed to meeting the requests of customers and the nutritional needs of crops worldwide with innovative proposals.
This is why we are constantly engaged in the Research & Development of new solutions that can provide high nutritional efficiency, while also safeguarding the environment and the safety of operators.
We pursue these goals by following the drivers of our success: synergy and sustainability.


Each of us shares every day the knowledge and experiences with the rest of the Group: it is thanks to this holistic approach - to which we add our knowledge of plant physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry of the main metabolic processes, chemistry of raw materials and soil and agronomic management of crops - that we can always generate new ideas and create solutions that meet more effectively the challenges that agriculture around the world entrusts to us.
That is how we also formulated the products in our catalogue: so that individual components work in synergy.
The nutritional solutions of K‑Adriatica are not just single ingredients combined, but formulas based on specific composition ratios and synergistic actions among the components. This approach is what allows us to achieve better results than simply combining single active ingredients.
Every day, we work on new ideas, but it is only after a long and careful testing, in the laboratory and in the field, of different crops and in different cultivation areas that such ideas become solutions for farmers.
Only in this way: our solutions, your results.


The quality of our future depends on our responsibility in the present.
K‑Adriatica’s committment to sustainability began with the recovery of potassium salts from sugar beet processing waste gathered from the Veneto region countryside. From there, we continue to look for sustainable sources of active ingredients to use as the basis for our nutritional solutions.
We have analysed and studied the production waste (by-products) of the major agri-food chains to identify new sources of functional molecules that, properly formulated, could meet our needs.
Thus we have created unique formulations, such as those based on hydrolysed malt rootlets in which biological efficiency, given the active components of rootlets (amino acids, peptides, polysaccharides, etc.), is combined with sustainability and, in particular, the circular economy: indeed, Italmalt’s malting waste is transformed into resources for the production of nutritional solutions.

The MCFP® Control Protocol

The development process of each of our new products follows the MCFP® internal protocol, which defines the key points to ensure, always and everywhere, the quality and validity of our nutritional solutions:
• Raw materials: we only use superior quality raw materials, carefully selected and supplied by the most qualified and reliable sector producers. That is how we guarantee the high quality of the final product, ensuring adequate titration and maximum bioavailability of the components;
• Composition: we study our products so that the formula can have the correct titration, and select individual components to leverage synergies and optimise results;
• Formulation: we apply unique production processes and continuously monitor out chemical-physical parameters. We always guarantee a high-quality product;
• Positioning: internally or in partnership with test centres or leading companies, we test each product on different crops, in different areas, in order to define the best application protocols. This allows us to evaluate all the effects that the product has on each crop and to define the most effective application schedule.

Laboratories and Research Centre

The production site in Loreo has now also become the heart of the R&D Department of K‑Adriatica: since 2021 all the laboratories, previously located in branch and peripheral offices, are now in the Veneto region headquarters.
Two new sections dedicated to molecular biology and plant physiology have been added to the qualified chemical laboratory for the control of raw materials and products, where cutting-edge equipment is housed for the conduct of biochemical, genomic and proteomic studies.
We can also use the latest generation of phytotrons and rhizotrons to evaluate the effects of applying the products both above the plant and to its roots. A wide network of national and international partnerships, both in the academic field and with specialised centres, allows us to fine-tune the mechanisms of action of our products, and to quantify their effect by leveraging cutting-edge technologies (genomics, phenomics, proteomics and metabolomics).


K‑Adriatica offers a complete range of Solutions to meet the nutritional needs of different crops around the world. Our products are the outcome of an accurate formulation and production process that ensure a high nutritional efficacy while preserving the environment and operators'safety.
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