No Passion, No Commitment, No Results.


In our daily work we put passion into everything we do: from the selection of raw materials to our production processes, from packaging to storing, and from our business relations to our administrative activities.
Our company has always been a family company: not in terms of our turnover given the growth of the Adriatica group over the past ten years, but in terms of the work environment, the direct involvement of the owners in running the company, and the care taken over the selection of both internal staff and external partners.
Our hope is that in every ship, container and lorry – and in each individual package of fertilizer – the customer will recognize the little action each farmer performs every day, with the same awareness and humility.That’s what we call passion!

Plenty of Products, Plenty of Solutions

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Adriatica has been listening to these various requests made by both the national and international fertilizer markets for over forty years and continues to come up with new solutions for plant nourishment: the latest additions to our range made thanks to this dynamic and proactive attitude are the N-GOOO Inhibitors, the Grostart and Microphos microgranules, our reassessment of sulphur, and the new range of fertilizers for greenery.
We strive every day to stay close to the needs of the markets and to our customers as reliable and innovative partners.

Small il beautiful

A good farmer knows that what leads to a good harvest is little acts performed at the right time and in the right way. The best results come from a combination of good climatic conditions and simple gestures made with awareness and humility. Spreading Adriatica formulas on their cultivations is a familiar act for many farmers all around the world; an act that has been repeated for generations and that signifies not only their belief in an excellent harvest but also the knowledge that they have given the land the best they can.