The Po Valley: Italy’s biggest and most fertile farmlands. The River Po runs through vast fields of maize, wheat  and  sugar  beet,  producing  abundant harvests  with  efficient  forms  of  highly mechanised  farming,  while  leaving  room  for the  splendid  nature  reserve  of  the  Po  Delta Regional Park. Here, in the Po Valley, the K-Adriatica Group opened its headquarters in 2000 to specialise in production of complex mineral fertilisers: a formidable  synergy  of  natural  resources  and technologies. The location in Loreo (Rovigo) is a strategic centre for movement of raw materials and  finished  products,  optimising  delivery times and costs. The plant itself is perfectly integrated with all kinds of goods logistics, thanks to rail links directly out of the company’s warehouses; the vicinity of our facility in the port of Chioggia, which allows us to purchase raw materials and sell our finished products by sea; the Romea highway and motorways, for more conventional but still important transportation by road.


Vukovar Plant

Vukovar  in  Croatia  is  inseparably  linked  in an embrace with Europe’s greatest river: the
Danube. Vukovar is in fact the most important river port in Croatia. In  the  heart  of Slavonia,  at  a  formidable crossroads with Serbia, Hungary and Bosnia Herzegovina,  we  built  Adriatica  Dunav,  a modern  plant  producing  Complex  Mineral Fertilisers, in 2010.
This major financial and organisational effort in an area offering optimal logistics opened
up the doors to the markets of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.