K-Academy is born, the new training course of Adriatica!

On 22 and 23 July 2019, at the Group's headquarters  K-Academy was launched, a further step in the path of growth and development that sees K-Adriatica increasingly focused on Special Fertilizers and Biostimulants; products with high technical and technological content. K-Academy will represent a new company training structure with the aim of being a place, both physical and virtual, aim the continuous production and sharing of knowledge. This knowledge production will not simply be aimed at consolidating training gaps, but will be firmly linked to the Group's strategy: the Academy will contribute to achieving the business objectives of the Company and create value.
In this way Adriatica changes its face, becoming a learning organization and placing learning at the center of the growth process.
The Academy will help the Group to increase their specific preparation and create new skills through a well-defined program of enabling content, in line with the requirements of business evolution and technological innovation. These professional figures, in fact, will be in the near future of the Company the protagonists of an evolution of their tasks in order to obtain a greater competitiveness on the market.