Adriatica products at Rio San Francisco Valley in Brazil

Now for some years ADRIATICA products are becoming established in the agriculture of Sao Francisco River Valley. Petrolina area, the most important region of Brazil for the production of table grapes for export, has discovered and appreciated the quality of Adriatica products.
KAMAB 26 is used in the growing protocols of the major producers, ensuring yield and quality even in extreme conditions (double production per year) typical of Sao Francisco Valley.In Petrolina area the KAMAB 26 is also succefully used in Mango cultivation. KAMAB 26 application determines, in mango an increase of fruit production ranging from 17 to 26% ,depending on the variety.Thanks to the excellent results obtained in the experimental trials on soya and rice, SKICC, the new solution for extensive crops, is presented at the Bahia Farm Show 2018.