Fruit Logistica 2018 - Berlino

Also this year Fruit Logistica 2018, a reference point for the global fruit and vegetable industry, was a great success. An international fair with over 3000 exhibitors that turns Berlin for 3 days into the world capital of the production and distribution chain of fruit and vegetables. Adriatica presented at its stand the new 2018 catalog, constantly enriched with products with a high technological content such as Biostimulants and Physiological Activators. Professional visitors, increasingly attentive to the needs of final consumers, require an eco-sustainable product with a low environmental impact. It is for this reason that some of Adriatica's specialties have been highly appreciated, such as: the Kodens Line with the newcomer Kodens Cu S - Gel Formulation, the Bioactivated Nutrient Line and the K-BIO Line.